7mm slim DVD case machine grade

7mm slim DVD case auto machine packing grade

7mm slim DVD case machine grade made by PP

We recommend this DVD case to you strongly, as a pioneer of auto machine packing master, we produce it since 1998, after times and times improvement, now the packing speed is already reach 100ppm, to choose it to make the packing easier.

The Single DVD case holds 1 CD/DVD, has a clear outer film which holds a printed sleeve or wrap and double clips inside. Store 1 DVD in a secure locking case. A push button for easy media removal, fixed place hubs provides more protection for DVD.

This handsome and durable DVD case is ideal to protect your CDRs and DVDRs.

The same case is used by the major studios to protect their DVDs.

Our standard DVD case can be packed by the branded packaging machines including Heino Illsman (Germany), Gima (Italy), Kyoto (Japan) and EAM (USA).

As one of our main products, our DVD cases have full range to protect your CDs and DVDs in anywhere, we made it from both PS and PP material, and can be requested  in all colors, Nearside is the products for single Discs, for more DVD cases, please visit our page DVD case to get it.