10.4mm standard CD jewel case machine grade

10.4mm CD case, standard CD case machine grade

10.4mm standard CD case made by PS.

As a representative of SUNON product, It has a speed more than 100ppm while running on the packing machine though we controlled the weight to 60g, we provide this product to all around even some famous brand.

The standard CD Jewel case is the most common and affordable CD packaging available. It is a 3 piece construction with a removable tray. The standard color for the jewel case tray is black but it is available in several colors including white, red, blue and clear. The front of the standard CD jewel case can hold a booklet of up to 32 pages. The back of the jewel case holds card, printed one side, with two spines. The card may be printed on both sides if a clear tray is used. As seen in many music stores, the jewel case may be cello wrapped (usually cost effective for quantities from 500 and above) to protect it from marking as well as protecting the inside content.

Our unassembled standard cd jewel case can be packed by the branded packaging machines including Heino Illsman (Germany), Gima (Italy), Kyoto (Japan) and EAM (USA).

As one of our main products, our CD cases have full range to protect your CDs in anywhere, we made it from both  PS and PP material, and can be requested  in all colors, the nearside products is auto machine packing grade, for more CD case, please visit our page CD case to get it.